Planting the Seed Program

Helping schoolchildren to create a living classroom.

Eco Warriors Australia, in partnership with Ecology & Restoration Australia, is excited to announce a new program that we are running called Planting the Seed (PtS). 

The PtS program is a nature-based, hands-on program that gives school students experience in revegetating areas of degraded or damaged native vegetation.  Students also learn about the cultural heritage values of the plants and animals at their site and in the local area.

The PtS program teaches students how to collect local native plant cuttings/seeds, propagate and care for seedlings and use native plants to revegetate sites and maintain sites after planting to ensure success. Students use simple data collection tools to monitor revegetation success, and to record wildlife that the native vegetation attracts (“citizen science”).

The PtS program is innovative in several ways:

  • Students are involved in the entire process of revegetation, rather than only including students at the planting stage
  • Focus on sustainability throughout the project (eg. using recycled materials for plant propagation to reduce waste)
  • Strong cultural heritage focus to provide a link and improve understanding of the cultural history of native plants and wildlife found in the local area. 

Please see our FAQ or contact us if your school would like to get involved.

(c) Ecology & Restoration Australia